In concluding this agreement, the user also understands that he is paying additional amounts to the applicable price for the gas contained in the cylinder and for all future gas shipments as soon as the cylinder is replenished in accordance with paragraph 1. The CRA (or cylinder recharging agreement) is a contract you get when you buy a new Calor cylinder. It can also be found below: generally 39.99 ┬úcurrently unavailableThe alternative cylinders on the terrace of 13kg and 5kg terrace are the 13kg (orange cylinders) and 6kg of non-business propane from Calor LPG cylinders, which returns an unwanted calor-clean cylinder to a Calor centre is entitled to a cash payment of 7.50 USD per cylinder (maximum five cylinder returns per person) under the following conditions (“the scheme”): the company makes the cylinder or cylinders available to the customer as a means of transport and secure storage of the gas delivered. This contract is not a rental contract and does not provide title in the cylinder to the user. The user will not separate himself from the possession or control of the cylinder (except a CALOR outlet) nor will he claim to have right-wing rights in conflict with this agreement, nor create, pretend, or attempt to create or attempt to create or attempt to create an agency or a lease concerning the cylinder or the user`s obligations or obligations. 2. Calor LPG cylinders remain the property of Calor at all times. 1. Calor Gas Limited (registered company L.R.: 00303703, based in Athena House, Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park, Warwick CV34 6RL) (“Calor”) operates the program to return to calor consumers (domestic customers) who no longer need their LPG cylinders.

We all have our gas cylinders in mind to make sure they are in perfect condition. Every time we receive a used gas bottle, it is sent to one of our bottling facilities for a well-deserved TLC. When you receive a gas cylinder for the first time, buy the gas in the bottle and contract to fill the cylinder that covers the bottle itself. The cylinder filling contract is actually a contract between us and you that describes that the gas cylinder you receive is in Calor`s possession and must be used safely. This way, you will know that all the gas cylinders you receive are safe. 4. To obtain payment of $7.50, the LPG cylinder held by Calor must be returned to a Calor center in an appropriate condition (at Calor`s sole discretion). There are 50 Calor centers – you can find more information in

In return for the charging commission, the company undertakes to fill the calor (cylinder) cylinder or cylinders included in your order during the currency of this contract with CALOR gas (“gas”). The company will respect its obligation to recharge the cylinder by providing the user with a prefilled cylinder in exchange for the empty cylinder, but reserves the right to fill the cylinder in another way.