Based on the assessment by the Assessment and Services OfficeHarta.For the last authorization agreement, the rate of compensation for the route leave agreement, the rate paid is set by the utility company and the owner or occupant of the land.8. USE OF LAND UNDER SUPPLY LINESLand as part of its licensing agreement or Land that remains under the path in the delivery corridor is still the property owned by the landowner. Distribution companies owned by landowners. Distribution companies use the land only for the installation and maintenance of power lines.listrik.Landowners or landowner-approved persons may use, work or perform. , pranks or conducting activities on countries among the lines of a ground-down activity with the permission of utilities.talian with valid authorization of utilities rather than utilities. The legitimate truth of the means to control utiliti activities is to control under the power lines, so that they are implemented below do not disrupt the operation of the valley, so that it does not disturb – the lines and the requirement not to intercept shipping companies and mean do not prevent landowners from blocking the conduct of activities on their land. Owners must ensure that everyone is on their land. Utility companies should ensure that anyone, under or near the supply, who is authorized to make lines, is properly informed of the activity under or near the security measures to be followed and 12 Permitslalu Electric Supply Line: Your Rights and Safety Wayleave For Electricity Supply Lines: Your Rights And Safety (ii) If landowners are still not (ii) Landrat , administrator claims, he can file a complaint with the state authority within 21 days of the order. The state orders it. The national authority will make an appropriate decision, which it deems appropriate, and the decision is final; The decision of the public authority is final; (iii) For land located there (iii) For land on which power lines provide the electricity supplier, the Land may reimburse landowners for the use of the annual property tax charge; for land such as termination of lease;iv) For the last authorization contract, utility companies (iv) For the purpose of participating in the construction, transfer, purpose of construction, construction, installation, placement, placement of the supply line, below or above a land, to the signing of a supply network contract , distribution companies can only intervene after signing a transport contract with the owner or an agreement with the landowner.