Your application form (SC-100 form), if completed by you and issued by the Small Claims Administrator, informs the defendant of the amount of your application, the basis of your application, and the date, time and location of the oral proceedings. One of the most common types of cases pending in a small claims court is the assertion of one party that the other party violated a contract. The simplest definition of contract is an agreement that will be imposed by a court. In the future, you should consider immediately following an oral contract with a letter or email. This way, you can get it in writing, in case something bad happens again. The Secretary of State website contains registers of general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and limited partnerships. The Secretary of State also holds a record of the names and addresses of company officers and their agents for the trial department, each of which can be delivered with the requirement of a small requirement of velvet performance. Instructions for this information are available at (916) 653-6814 or (916) 657-5448 (recorded message). You can download instructions and an order form from the Secretary of State`s website in For a fee, the Secretary of State will fax you the requested information.

If you wish to amend your claim and it has not yet been served, it is only necessary for you to prepare (a) a new application form (SC-100 form), (b) to submit the new application form and (c) to induce someone to send it to the defendant. If you go to the minor application court, it is imperative to bring your copy of the initial application form (SC-100 form). If one of the accused has been served with the original claim, you must first file a letter with the Small Claims Tribunal asking you for the court`s permission to prepare and serve an amended claim. If someone has broken their verbal agreement with you and you want your money back, you will receive legal aid that you can trust. Talk to a qualified bankruptcy lawyer at allmand law firm, PLLC. But now you say you`re going to the same rink with the signs and the unlocking agreement. They are really patinated, but the ice machine is defective in one part of the rink, which makes the ice to the mud. Your skate catches in the mud, and you fall and are injured. The discharge clause does not exempt the rink from its grip, as the rink did not provide a secure skating surface. Regardless of the type of service you use, the service must be completed within an explicit time frame before the hearing.

If you are not served on the defendant within these explicit time frames, the defendant may ask the court to postpone the hearing and, in most cases, the date of the hearing is changed. When counting the days, do not count the day the service was completed, but count the date of the hearing. Also keep in mind that a service evidence (Small Claims) (SS-104 form), completed and signed, indicating that the procedure was signed within these time frames, must be filed with the Small Claims Court at least five days before the hearing date. For more information, ask the clerk for a copy of What is proof of service? (SC-104B form). Like all court forms, you can also read and print this by visiting the Judicial Council`s self-help website under To determine which jurisdictions may be appropriate in your situation, it is advisable to consult an advisor for small claims. You save yourself and the other party a lot of trouble and potential costs if you carefully choose the court in which you submit your application. To sue someone for breach of an oral contract, you must prove the existence of a binding agreement. There are four basic elements of a legally binding oral or written contract: social agreements: if you tell a friend, for example, that he meets you for dinner at your favorite restaurant and he does not show up, that friend can not succeed you w