A VSCP is a company that holds a special “VSCP license” from the California Department of Insurance to sell VSCs in California. (For the rest of this guide, we`ll call the California Department of Insurance CDI.) The VSCP is the debtor – the company that is legally required to pay the repair costs of your vehicle if it has a covered failure. My problem: the trader made me send an email with VIN and mileage with good reason for cancellation. I do not have a receipt for the cancellation that is listed in the contract. The dealer said the cancellation won`t show up for about 6 weeks if I start making payments for the loan. I am afraid that the cancellation will not go “by mistake” at this point, I would be saturated with a proportional refund. I haven`t received a reply from her email yet, so I couldn`t prove they received it when I was trying to fight her. If a covered part that requires routine maintenance interruptions and you cannot prove that the car has been properly maintained, a debtor cannot pay for the repair. Therefore, you must perform all routine maintenance work identified in the repair agreement and user manual and keep records to prove that the maintenance was performed. If the service contract takes longer than you would expect to own the car, ask if it can be transferred if you sell the car and if there is a fee, or if a shorter contract is available. If you buy a “demonstrator,” a new car that has not been in possession, rented or rented, but has been driven by dealer staff, ask when the warranty cover begins and ends.

Maybe it started when the dealership put the car into service. All VSCs may be cancelled in accordance with California`s Civil Section 1794.41. The debtor must reimburse you in full the VSC purchase price if you meet all the following conditions: Non-compliance: Some buyers discover that an extended warranty has slipped into their car financing contract without their knowledge or consent. Then, the term of the loan is extended to cover up the additional expenses. Compare service contracts with the manufacturer`s warranty. New cars have a manufacturer`s warranty that typically offers coverage for at least three years or 36,000 miles, depending on what happens first. A service contract is likely to bring benefits only after the manufacturer`s warranty has expired. Check the documents to make sure this applies before you accept the purchase of a service contract.

If you receive emails or phone calls regarding the renewal of your vehicle warranty, do not take the information at face value. Your vehicle`s warranty may be far from arrived – or it has already expired. If you have a question about your warranty, read your owner`s usage manual, call the dealer who sold you the car or contact the manufacturer. You may find that the parts listed as coverage may not be covered if a breakdown occurs in a specific way. Contracts. B repairs often do not cover a failure that is caused by or with: duration – all repair contracts expire depending on a length or number of miles.