A unitholders agreement is a contract between the various shareholders or the owners of a trust (and sometimes between the trustees themselves). This is useful in the event of a shareholder shutdown during a meeting or a problem that needs to be resolved immediately so as not to interfere with the operation of the trust and its holdings. The mandatory value of the transfer of shares or shares is the highest market value or counterparties paid against shares or shares. The purchaser is the taxpayer. The tax is payable within three months from the date of the first execution of the contract or transfer. Unitholder agreements define the rights and obligations of each unitholder for each other. In the event of a conflict, dispute resolution clauses resolve disputes outside the courtroom. This allows the parties to find a cost-effective solution. Since shareholder rights and behaviour are managed by the unitholders Agreement, the chances of conflict are significantly reduced. A sole proprietor`s agreement complements the position of trust and defines the rights and responsibilities of shareholders. It defines how a component holder can leave the position of trust, the progress made when a decision cannot be made during a meeting, and provides a mechanism to resolve the blocked parts. It also takes into account and prevents complications related to conflicts of interest, confidentiality and competition.

The act of accession, provided for as part of our unitholders agreement, allows new unitholders to be hired quickly and easily in the agreement. Non-compete clauses prevent shareholders from creating a competing company or a competing development that could reduce the commercial/investment value of investment funds. If you are a shareholder in a fiduciary body that holds assets such as a business (which may be your business), you should have a single deposit contract. You are not legally obligated to have one, but it is advisable, from a commercial point of view, to execute your participation contract if you establish your trust (before disputes arise!) Unitholder chords are fast and easy to execute, inexpensive and offer excellent protection, so there`s really no reason not to have them. Our unitholders agreement also contains an act of membership. When shareholders become parties to an investment fund, they are not bound by the provisions of the existing equity agreement. At the signing of the membership deed, the new shareholders are bound by the unitholder agreement, as if the new shareholder were a contracting party.