A brief guide to the differences between the types of admissions available: An organization will be the result of an accreditation service: the reference to the briefing note and discussions between the lessor and the bidder (if it is already selected) will help you choose the type of admission route you choose. Once the reception route has been defined, which will be either a pass authorization or the method of transferring debts, send us the appropriate form to start the administrative procedure. There is also our first approval form for the employer or new contractor to inform us of the agreements. In this section, you`ll find information for employers who relocate a service or function to an external provider, as well as for those who perform an outsourced service or function. It contains details on: Summary of information for employers who think Word outsourcing contracts, 69 kbb opens the new window Under the tuPE transfer conditions, the old age pension of potential buyers must be taken into account by local government employers considering outsourcing. You should contact the Pension Manager as soon as possible and you will receive all the necessary details to continue your journey. All legal documents and obligations (if necessary) must be completed and all legal and financial obligations must be fulfilled before staff move. Employers who wish to initiate the legal and financial process for a contracting employer to allow the work and management of the LGPS in Leicestershire should contact the pension service as soon as possible, with the whole process taking a few months. To request the information you need to proceed with the transmission, please fill out one of these application forms and return it: LGPS Employer Outsourcing Enquiry Form – Transfer of sensitivity to the PDF company, 1.64 mb Opens a new window Please make sure you have read the full notice before making a decision. As a guide to the main and most important differences, this passage also helps you: employers are invited to notify the pension service at that time with a list of transferred members and the date of transfer, so that the pension statements can be properly updated and that these employees differ from other leavers and restarters from which we will be automatically informed. For more information, please read the notice below: If the transfer is made between two employers who already operate the LGPS within the Leicestershire Fund (for example. B local councils, academies, universities), the process is much simpler and there is no additional legal burden if a small number of employees is exceeded. This is because the members` LGPS pension service automatically resumes with the new employer, as the change does not affect their pension entitlement.

A small number of ceding members are processed internally by the investment team, which converts responsibility for their pensions from the employer pension fund to the new employer`s pension fund. However, larger figures (more than 10) would have to go to the actuary for this to be done properly, and in that case there would be an actuarial tax of $750, plus VAT.