1. What is the amount of legal fees associated with the sale or purchase of a practice? With the above in the eye and the information below, you will be on your way to a successful sales contract. When awarding the purchase price of a transaction involving your dental practice, the assets involved are usually tangible items such as medical records and dental equipment and supplies. Your CPA and your legal counsel should consider these items, as well as goodwill and a non-compete clause, when awarding the purchase price of the assets. In return, you should use expenses, depreciation and amortization to get the most noise for your dollar when you are trying to recover the amount of your purchase price. One example is the amortization of deliveries or furniture from your firm over a period of 5 or 7 years. If a real estate contract is concluded in advance, a partner will grant the first right of refusal when selling the practice if the doctor decides to sell the building so that the buyer is not a tenant. It is a simple asset purchase contract elegantly constructed by (Brian Rogers) and then modified for the sale of a dental practice. This contract bypasses the current model of dental brokerage.

If two dentists (Dr.Smith – Dr.Jones) want to make a practice transfer independently of a third-party broker, this contract will provide a basic framework from which they will adapt to (The Green Button Below) and on (Electronic-S… one point to the other. 7. Survival.Unless otherwise provisions of this agreement, the assurances and commitments of the parties contained in this agreement will survive (and will not be compromised) the actual time for the applicable statute of limitations, as well as any investigations and information that a party may obtain. 4. The seller and the owner acknowledge and accept that violating one of the agreements in Schedule 5 would result in irreparable damage and persistent injury to the buyer. Therefore, in the event of an infringement or threat of violation of such agreements, the seller and the owner accept that the buyer is entitled to an injunction from a competent court that prevents that person or entity from committing a violation or threat of violation of those agreements.