“If we are all around the table and work together and respectfully, we can get rid of insecurity and conflict, and create opportunities that benefit everyone in B.C.” The Site C project is located in the traditional areas of The 8 First Nations Contract. In everything we do, we strive to connect with First Nations communities affected by Site C and build lasting relationships. Our Aboriginal Relations team works in and around Fort Saint John and beyond to engage, build relationships and work together to find solutions to issues that are most important to First Nations. This report from The Canadian Press was first published on August 5, 2020 Where there are effects that we cannot avoid, we work closely with First Nations to ensure that these pages are managed culturally appropriately. “These agreements will not prevent Site C from flooding the river with peace or correcting the effects of the old dams. But they are a fresh start with B.C. and BC Hydro, a chance to move forward with mutual respect and common goal using Contract 8 as our guide. Prophet River First Nation: prophetriverfirstnation.com/ On Wednesday, the government of B.C announced that it has entered into two agreements with the Prophet River First Nation, which will allow it to take legal action against the dam, which is now under construction, on the Peace River in northeastern B.C. The province and hydro also say they have made a commitment to implement the agreements with Prophet River in recognition of the cultural values and contractual rights of the Fort Nelson area. “We accept the promise of a better relationship with B.C. and BC Hydro and believe that these agreements will help protect the remnants of Treaty 8 countries and waters so deeply appreciated by our people,” Stager said in the statement. They argued that the construction of Site C was a violation of their rights in Contract 8 signed in 1899 with the Northeast First Nations.

C, northern Alberta and northwestern Saskatchewan. In particular, they say, the flood breaks a Promise by the Crown to protect the way of life of the signatory countries. In August 2019, West Moberly rejected the province`s bids and pledged to continue the legal proceedings. In February 2019, the provincial Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation opened confidential discussions with BC Hydro, West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations to avoid litigation. Learn how BC Hydro works closely with DenFirst Nations across the province. A statement from the Department of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation said the Prophet River First Nation, the province and BC Hydro have entered into agreements to end the civil suit. “Our preference is always to solve problems around the table rather than through the courts, and we appreciate the commitment of the management of Prophet River First Nation and BC Hydro to continue talking so that we can come up with a solution.